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  School Introduction  


About  Xinxing Elementary School  History

   Dated back to July 4, 1988, the Taipei country government approved of “reserved spaces for Wen-Xiao Five Elementary Schools in TamsuiTown, TaipeiCounty “ and appointed Chu-WeiElementary School principal Li, Xu-lan to be in charge of the acquisition process. Soon on August 23, 1990, XinxingElementary School, the 13th primary school located in XinXinVillage, was given permission to establish by the then Taiwan Provincial government (official document no. 66553) and TaipeiCounty government (official document no. 243778).  

A list of principals who have served the school is as follows:


  First principal - Mr. Liang Keng until July 31, 1986

 Second principal - Mr. Luo Zi-yu, transferred from Luzhou City , Jen Ai Elementary School on August 1, 1986 ; retired on August 1, 1987.

   Third principal - Mr. Li Yong-zhan, transferred from Shihmen Township on August 1, 1987; transferred to Deng-Gong Elementary on Aug. 1, 1994.
Fourth principal - Mr. Zhang Mu, August 1, 1994 from
LuzhouCity, Cheng-Gong Elementary School; retired on August 1, 1995.

Fifth principal - Mr. Zhang Chongren, beginning his term on August 1, 1995 from the ShimenTownshipChien-HuaElementary School; transferred to Xio-De Elementary School on August 1, 1999.

Sixth principal - Mr. Wu Zheng-xiong, beginning his term on August 1, 1999 and transferred to Wu-Haw Elementary School on August 1,2014.

Seventh principal - Mr.Hsu Wenyung, beginning his term on August 1, 2014 from Tunshan Elementary School,in charge of the school so far.

    Sitting in a land area of 27,055.74 square meters, current (2014)Xinxing Elementary School owns a scale of 57classes plus 2 kindergarten classes, expanded from a small number of 15 classes at the initial stage. The construction of the school premise, in an extended period of four stages from originally three stages, started its operation in 2001 and has a capacity of accommodating more than 65 classes. Currently, the number of students reaches about 1,600 people (including kindergarten pupils).

     Our school, transliterated as “Xinxing” in English name which implies “ prosperity” in Chinese, shares the most up-to date momentum and educational philosophy through which students are able to reflect on everything without forgetting its source. The four main buildings of the school, through a official naming process, are respectively called “StarCatchingTower”, “MoonWatchingTower”, “Sun-RiseTower”, and “SeaWatchingTower”, altogether pointing to the expectation of founding since the establishment of the school.